Cairn Stone Adventure Tours

Art by Cairn Stone Vet Bob Williams

Bob is not only a valued member of our hiking family but he is a talented artist.  Below are his original paintings from his experiences on Cairn Stone hiking adventures to Grand Canyon, Zion, Hawaii, Scotland and more.  They are shown below with his kind permission. 

 For more of his art here is the link to visit Bob's web site.

How to order prints

[Click any photo for larger view]

Order directly from Bob:
“A few people asked me if I had prints of the Roadrunner Trail Pine Ridge Draw Pastel Painting I did for Ron. "

He's had 
Giclee (zhee-clay) prints made in two sizes:
  • a larger size matted to 16" x 20"  for $50 
  • and a smaller size matted to 11" x 14" for $25  

Call Bob at 269-449-8163 to place an order.  He will customize the matt color when you order.

Other Print Sizes  -  Originals  -  Commission Paintings

I can get
Giclee prints made of any of these in three sizes. In addition to the two sizes you already have listed (above), please add a smaller size matted to 8"x10" for $15.

 I have told Ron that I would donate 25% of amount of each sale to his Haitian Nursing Scholarship Fund.

The original painting of a few of these is still available.  The price for these would be $300 matted but without frame (25% to charity).  

Also, if anyone has a photo of a scene they would like to
commission me to paint, I would do that for the $300 price with 25% going to the charity.



Bob's personal testimonial of his early hiking experiences

"I have trained for the last two years with Ron and his hiking club and have found it to be one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done for myself.  Because my wife, Carol, is not physically able to train with me I have had to go it alone but have found everyone in the hiking club to be very friendly and willing to accept me as just another member of this big happy hiking family.  Although the training hikes have sometimes been a lot of hard work, I have found them to be good medicine that's not hard to swallow. 

I have gone on both the 2006 Grand Canyon trip and the 2007 Hawaii trip and have found them both to be awesome experiences.  Finishing the rim-to river-to-rim Grand Canyon hike has been one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment that I have ever had; I'll always remember it. 

I'll always feel indebted to Ron and our hiking family for helping to make both trips among my best life experiences."

                                                                                      Bob Williams