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TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE: TCI covers the cost of your trip should you have to cancel, it could reimburse you the whole cost of your trip. I know everyone is fired up for our trips, but family, health, accidents or other unplanned event may thwart travel plans.

Trip Cancellation Insurance is a good option to consider as is Medical Supplement Insurance (especially for foreign travel). Coach Gunn has had good personal experience with American Express. You can pick up forms up at any travel agency or register online for the American Express underwritten

Many American Express cards come with travel accident coverage.  The link below is to a page showing the AMEX card types with coverage.  You must then select your card by clicking on the image to see what coverage you may already have.

 AMEX Travel Accident Insurance  


  • Travel Insurance may be a broad term covering a variety of insurance for travel and both prices and coverage vary.  This may include Health, Life, Accident and/or Trip Cancellation Insurance.  
  • A Health Insurance Supplement will fill in the gaps of your present Health Insurance while traveling and especially while outside the USA.  
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance, in general, may reimburse the cost of your trip and more if you must cancel, but the conditions under which it pays varies.  It is your responsibility to understand those conditions so ask questions and research before you purchase.


The following web sites offer tutorials and plan comparisons to help you understand and choose the supplemental insurance that best fits your needs.  Use the links below to help make an informed decision:

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Trip Cancellation Insurance can reimburse you the cost of the trip should you need to drop out.  But understand the terms of any insurance you choose.

 2015: One couple had to drop the day before departureto Spain
due to a family medical crisis.  Their trip insurance reimbursed them for the cost of their trip to Spain.  It works -- life is full of surprises!

Thom's sister, Trudy, booked a flight to Florida for her and her husband online and she happened to check the $25 insurance option. While traveling to her parents home to be driven to the South Bend airport they drove into a frozen flood across the road. This wrecked their car and they missed their flight.

Later, she was delighted to learn that this insurance paid for the towing, car repairs (over $2500) and paid the difference for the full fare tickets required to fly later.