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Thanks Al !

This page is devoted to Al Potter for his past and present devotion to supporting our sporting endeavors.  Al has put the miles in over the years.  He is too modest to tell it himself but he celebrated his 50th birthday with a 50 mile run!  He remains active.  You may see him riding his recumbent bike and you will find him six mornings a week in the fitness center at SMC.  Though his long distance hiking and running days are gone his passion for our sport lives on with his support to those who still train.

We who have trained with Coach Gunn to run Marathons or to extreme hike across the Grand Canyon wish to acknowledge and express gratitude to our water man Al Potter.  Al has been ever present as we trained long hours in the snow, the slush, the rain and the heat of the sun.  When we needed water, Al was there.  When we needed a cookie or to sit in the shade Al provided it. 

As difficult as the training is at times how much more difficult must it be to sit and wait hour after hour.  Waiting not only for the first
of us to arrive but for the last. 

Thank You Al Potter,
Thanks A Million!