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 Rim-River-Rim Day Hike 2012

Katrina and Keith Andrews


Time dwarfs us. It outweighs our triumphs, our sacred days and our times of grief. We take the days for granted, one much like another, but it only takes one day to change our entire life’s trajectory: The birth of a child, the loss of innocence, the death of a loved one, the loss of a dream, or the chance to realize a dream.

Today would be such a day and I adorned my pack with butterfly wings to celebrate it. I knew a long time ago that I was not making this journey through the Grand Canyon out of my ego, but because my soul pleaded. I have stood on this edge before, fantasizing about what my life could be, but only to willing be led away by the false, yet comforting promises of Fear.

It was still dark and a little crisp when we began the hike. The lack of artificial light and clear sky revealed stars I didn’t even know existed, I was struck with wonder, yet the only prayer I could utter was, “Oh, wow!”


Rim-River-Rim Day Hike 2012
California: Yosemite 2013


I have personal growing awareness of the transformative impact of your sustainable life winning coaching strategies:

In late May this year during my annual physical debrief, the doctor noted that all my measurements were in normal range, and that my cholesterol scores had lowered the last 2 years running, each lower than the previous year. I have shared with her my involvement in your hiking program and she strongly encouraged me to keep that going. She attributed my life giving physical gains to what you are doingJ.

When processing my current life transitions with a group of trained therapists with whom I meet for mutual care and life development, my colleagues helped me to recognize a part of myself I had not yet gained consciousness of. I was burned severely when 18 months of age, and place in isolation in a hospital for the next 14 months. This is enough to immobilize any human being before they get a good start in life. My colleagues (we have been meeting for 3 years now a couple times a year for all day sessions) observed that I had gained noticeable levels of personal emotional freedom during the time I have been in the hiking program. They observed that in movement I gain freedom and that there is something very therapeutic and healing about the sustained effort and all the learning regarding how to take care of myself under those longer and longer hikes and all manner of terrain and in that I continue to know that I can explore and suffer some pain and still be safe and in charge of myself; free to continue to explore while managing and limiting the severe risk parallel to the burn and isolation that followed!!!

I know there are many ways people gain from their experiences with you and through the fantastic program you have developed over the years. These are just two new unsolicited points of feedback that I have recently received that reinforce for me what I already know and have shared with you before about the great transformative experience you continue to offer. I for one will be forever grateful.

Hope all is well with you this day.

All for now.


Gary Brunson
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