Cairn Stone Adventure Tours

Testimonials 6

One of the best experiences of my life and one I plan to do again--this time with my husband and two of our best friends. There is nothing that compares to the camaraderie and self-discovery that takes place over the months of training; culminating in all the awe-inspiring canyon hikes. I would never have imagined that I could hike for 10-14 hours in a day and be thrilled to get up and do it again for 8 days! The energy was incredible. Thank you to Ron Gunn for the experience of a lifetime and to all the people who were so enjoyable to hike with.

Cyndi McCay
Dec 2009

We're on the eve of another great adventure with Ron Gunn this weekend. Marlin Schmidt and I have trained for all 6 of the Grand Canyon excursions, and Hawaii; plan to go to Scotland in 2010 and Pacific Northwest beckons. We are addicted to Ron's great training approach and the fellowship with like-minded, healthy people. The world is a wonderous and vast place to wander with friends. : - )

Barbara Walsh
September 2009