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NY Times Travel Section 12/09:  Article about Grand Canyon hikes

"I have trained for the last two years with Ron and his hiking club and have found it to be one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done for myself.  Because my wife, Carol, is not physically able to train with me I have had to go it alone but have found everyone in the h
iking club to be very friendly and willing to accept me as just another member of this big happy hiking family.  Although the training hikes have sometimes been a lot of hard work, I have found them to be good medicine that's not hard to swallow."

"I have gone on both the 2006 Grand Canyon trip and the 2007 Hawaii trip and have found them both to be awesome experiences.  Finishing the rim-to river-to-rim Grand Canyon hike has been one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment that I have ever had; I'll always remember it.  I'll always feel indebted to Ron and our hiking family for helping to make both trips among my best life experiences."

Bob Williams

[Grand Canyon '06, '09 & Hawaii '07]
[Note:  Bob is an artist.  See his Grand Canyon experienced painting LINK]

"We'll follow Ron Gunn to the ends of the Earth...His leadership and commitment to safe, affordable, and adventuresome touring has us hooked! When we travel, we look for: Nature, fitness opportunities, and community-building. Cairn Tours offers us all of these in abundance. We'll be going wherever he leads for a long, long time. (Fire UP, indeed!!)"

Jeff and Barbara Starke
Grand Canyon '05, '06 & '07;

Hawaii 07, and onward

"There are certain dates or events in history that people will always remember:  JFK assassination; Armstrong walking on the m
oon; 9/11/01.  I have another date to add to my list: October 7, 2006.  That was the day I completed the rim-to-river-to rim hike in the same day.  The hike started at the South Kaibab trailhead at 6:30am and I finished on the Bright Angel Trail t 5:30pm.  This hike was the most physically challenging and strenuous but at the same time the most mentally satisfying and rewarding endeavor of my life.  The feeling of accomplishment as I walked the final 100 yards, with the end in site, was indescribable.  It's a feeling I will remember for the rest of my life.  Some times I still marvel that I was able to hike to Phantom Ranch and return in a single day."
"In addition to the Grand Canyon adventure, our trip also included hikes at Bryce and Zion National Parks.  I thought Zion was spectacular and would love to visit there again some time."
"I would like to add that this adventure for me would not have been possible without Ron Gunn.  The program that Ron put together starting with the training hikes, his lectures, his encouragement throughout, trip planning, and "fired up" attitude was outstanding."
                                   Bob Wright
 [Grand Canyon Veteran 2006] 
("I was 2 wks shy of being 59 when I did the hike")