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Testimonials 2
"If you want to see the world, see it with Ron Gunn.  He'll show you the places that aren't on any map or listed in any magazine.   Training and traveling with him is more than a vacation or physical challenge.  It is a life altering move.  I've spent the past five years growing and learning about myself under Ron's coaching.  That time has given me confidence and motivation that extends into my personal, professional and creative life.  Joining up with him is joining a family.  He is my coach, my mentor and my friend."

Justin Flagel

[Self proclaimed Extreme Sports Junkie and Grand Canyon Veteran 2005, 6, 7 & 8]

[SMC Extreme Sports]



"The training program is worth every penny!"

 Beth Curtis

[Grand Canyon Veteran 2006, Training Partners 2007 & 2009 and Hawaii Marathon 2007]



Thank you so much for giving of yourself to inspire and help others realize their best. About twenty years ago, I made a $50 bet with my brother, Dan, that I would complete a marathon. He took that bet. Last September he turned forty and I gave him the $50, admitting that I was never going to do it. He accepted it and I felt better having at least paid my debt.

Well, a few weeks later he sent me the money back with a great note advising me to not give up just yet and to invest the $50 in a good pair of shoes. I did and was renewed!

Last weekend I did it [completed the 27.4 mile test hike] but I haven't told anyone because I have this wonderful sense of inner strength that doesn't lend itself to bragging. But, at the same time it makes me cry for so many reasons – I did it; why didn't I believe I could before; if I lost 70lbs. I could probably run it! The world looks a little different, somehow...

Anyway, thank you so much for all you do! I'm not sure I would have done it without you and your training schedule for this trip. I've met my goal – the first of many yet to come.

Love ya!"

Katrina Andrews

[Grand Canyon Veterans 2008 & 2012, Pacific NW & Scotland 2010]