Cairn Stone Adventure Tours

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"My trip to the Grand Canyon really began months before October of 2007. I waded from arrogance from perceived ease of a hike at the Canyon, to trepidation during workouts and
conditioning. The whole experience was an eye opener."
"The training metaphor we use, hours on feet (HOF) shares the acronym of the Hall of Fame, and with one I discovered for myself - Hilt of Freedom.  Freedom from the trappings of an office or cubicle and a chance to experience undeveloped nature. At the same time make new friends, push oneself to a physical limit few  do or can, and go through a life changing experience."

             Jeff Gunn
[Grand Canyon Veteran 2007]


"I would have to say that our first time hiking/training with
Ron Gunn, that it was tough but only for our own good.  You always felt safe knowing that either Ron or Al were keeping an eye on you and making sure you were doing okay and had plenty of water.  You can do just about anything when you have the proper training from Ron." 

"When on his trips, you never get bored, he always has something fun planned for you and if you don't feel like joining him and the rest of the gang, you can plan your own thing.  We have always had a great time on Ron's trips and look forward to many more."

Jean & Jerry McCarty
[Grand Canyon '06 & Hawaii '07]


"Every good and precious element of life is affirmed with an extraordinary experience like our Cairn Stone Adventure into the Grand Canyon and other marvelous surrounding areas. The wonder and awe of such a vast, natural phenomenon humbles one deeply~takes your breath away~touches your soul. In the
face of such immense grandeur, the journey is one of excitement, enlightenment and personal growth. One's emotional, physical, mental and spiritual fortitude are called on to meet the challenge~what grows from that is one of life's finest shared and treasured gifts.

This glorious chapter is now interwoven into the fabric of our souls and the heart is full to brimming over. Such a deep down gratifying joy that will linger and remind us that if we seek it we shall find God's glory in the most magnificent places that encompass the natural wonders of the world. I am left with a beautiful, residual feeling and I am so grateful~deeply content and at peace.

When the still, small voice inside me beckons, I will explore once again in a new direction. For now, I am home and happy and will never be quite the same~it sort of feels like a constant buzz~a lovely aura of satisfaction~utter clarity about what is important and meaningful. I dig this stuff."

Susan Jones
[Tri-Athlete, Track Coach & Grand Canyon Veteran 2008]