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Coach Ron Gunn's Adventure Tours 
for the chronologically enhanced,
but young at heart.

Many of our adventurers are empty nester's, some are retired from their life work, but not from life.  We also have  college students and 20 somethings who enjoy our trips.  Many marathon runners and other athletes enjoy the coach's trips but often the most rewarding experiences happen to those with limited or no athletic background. With good coaching and hard work most succeed in accomplishing goals they might have thought impossible or never even considered before. 

Coach Gunn's gift is to lead you to your best physical potential and then reward this accomplishment by escorting you to places the casual tourist will never see in person.  Millions see the Haleakala Crater in Hawaii from it's rim but Coach Gunn will hike you through it.  Every year millions of visitors to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon lose their breath just looking from the rim at the beauty and grandeur,  but Coach Gunn will hike you through it to see it like only a fraction of one percent will ever see!

After this most life changing experience
of your life you will still have 6 days of great hiking adventures ahead on the North Rim Grand Canyon, in Bryce Canyon National Park and, our most popular, in Zion National Park.  Will the fun ever stop?!

Many of our marathoners say that a day-hike through Grand Canyon is a greater challenge than running 26 miles, yet it is more rewarding.  It is the endurance not the speed that allows for a successful hike through Grand Canyon and allows the time to take in this most extraordinary experience.  Over 300  mid-life hikers have successfully made this hike after training with us and found it life changing - perhaps you will too!

A LIFE CHANGING HIKE by Katrina Andrews 
Sport Walking Video by Coach Ron Gunn

Most trips are planned for everyone, regardless of ability,
to have a wonderful time. The ultimate challenge for the extreme day-hiker is the trek into Grand Canyon and back which can be a life-changing experience. It is a challenge so unique and rewarding that it touches body, mind, and spirit.  It is magical.  It is a true adventure.
 The training is similar to training to run a marathon but those who have done both say the below the rim day hikes at Grand Canyon are even more rewarding.

Coach Ron Gunn describes the experience of completing the Rim to Rim extreme day-hike this way,
"it is an intensely personal experience."   


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