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Who Is Coach Ron Gunn?

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    Coach Ron Gunn's gift is to lead you to your best physical potential and then reward this accomplishment by escorting you through places the casual tourist will never see in person.  Millions will see the Haleakala Crater in Hawaii but Coach Gunn will hike you through it.  Millions of visitors to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon lose their breath looking at the beauty and grandeur  but Coach Gunn will hike you through it to see it like only a fraction of one percent will ever see!

    Many of our marathoners say that a day-hike through Grand Canyon is a greater challenge than running 26 miles, yet it is more rewarding.  It is the endurance not the speed that allows for a successful hike through Grand Canyon and with the time to take in this most extraordinary experience.

    Coach Gunn was a collegiate track coach who trained 136 All Americans and eight NJCAA national championship teams, and has coached hundreds of chronologically enhanced adults to succeed with completing a  marathon.  Many graduates of Ron's Marathon Training class still meet each Monday night to run or walk in fellowship and to stay fit (MNRC). 

    Now, in addition to the Extreme Sports program at SMC (
    Southwestern Michigan College), Coach Gunn organizes adventure tours. Living his dream, he trains and then escorts the participants through some of the most interesting and wonderful experiences of a lifetime.


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